The Online Launch

Troglodyte that I am, I’ve resisted the idea of an online launch for the new anthology Every Second Tuesday from Elwood Writers (EW). In fact, I’ve resisted FaceTime ‘anything’ for that matter.  When it comes to books and launches, I assumed I’d miss the buzz of a real launch, as when EW member Jennifer Bryce launched Lily Campbell’s Secret in 2019. Years later (!) in 2020 wasn’t I going to miss the crush of real people and the mustiness of a bookstore? The de-briefings afterwards?

Well, I will miss those things. But recently I had the chance to watch US author, Richard Ford, talk about his latest short story collection. Faced with the choice of seeing him online, or not seeing him at all, I plumped for the firstHe is a consummate writer, and so charming he could make the paper bag his book comes in look enticing.

I watched his zoom interview from the comfort of my home in Melbourne, and I was sold. The event was stress free. The connections worked, the mics were on, the audience could be seen but not heard, and the whole event was orchestrated by the unflappable Chris Gordon from Readings books.

Shortly after that, EW member, Barry Lee Thompson, launched his debut collection Broken Rules and Other Stories to the acclaim of a local and international audience.

On December 9, all four of us Elwood Writers will hit zoom to talk about Every Second Tuesday, our compilation of fiction, poetry and memoir. Jennifer, Barry, Helen McDonald and I are excited to meet you all, and I look forward to issuing you an invitation here. Very soon.

5 thoughts on “The Online Launch

  1. Bring on the Virtual Launch, Margaret. Chris Gordon is a gem. Only downer is participants will have to provide their own wine — and yes, depending on how much house-work we’ve done over lockdown, the ‘mustiness’ won’t be quite the same. But I’m looking forward to it very much!

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    1. Hi Jenny, I thought of mentioning the wine afterwards, but I’m trying to go ‘straight’ at the moment! It’s a bit of an essential though.


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