The Interface between Memoir and Fiction

At the launch of Every Second Tuesday, author Lee Kofman observed that certain of the Elwood Writers stories in the anthology exhibited a ‘fascinating’ interface between memoir and fiction. This reflects, I believe, a growing field of writers who are mixing the two genres. Blending them, however, can be a challenge. Debate rages about where … Continue reading The Interface between Memoir and Fiction


I have always loved America. The United States of America, that is. From the moment Huck Finn sailed down the Mississippi with the runaway slave, Jim, I was sold. I loved the English classics, but for me American novelists like Mark Twain and F. Scott Fitzgerald drove the story forward. Their novels – the one … Continue reading America

Broken Rules and Other Stories, update — Barry Lee Thompson

Barry's book Broken Rules will be released by Transit Lounge on 1st September. Barry is a friend and colleague from Elwood Writers and this is his first collection of short stories. Some early reviews have appeared. There’s a write-up in Westerly, here, and one from The Age and Sydney Morning Herald, here. The book’s release … Continue reading Broken Rules and Other Stories, update — Barry Lee Thompson

Fathers Day

Elwood Writers are going to be on the radio again! This time it’s for Fathers Day 2017. My group, Jenny, Barry, Helen and myself will be shining a light onto many facets of fatherhood through a selection of our literary work, including pieces of poetry, fiction and memoir. Our stories will be broadcast on the Cover To Cover program, Vision Australia Radio on … Continue reading Fathers Day