It’s Back to School for Elwood Writers

The Elwood Writers will feature on the ‘Back to School’ edition of Cover to Cover for Vision Australia Radio on Friday 26 January 2018.

Our group has collaborated with producer and presenter, Tim McQueen, to compile a program comprising poetry, fiction and memoir on multifaceted notions of school.

I look forward to sharing my two pieces, ‘The Orange Suitcase’ and ‘Original Sin’, which will be read by Marilyn Bednar.

“Back to School” will be repeated later in the week, and also made available as a podcast.

In Melbourne the show will be broadcast at 8.00pm. For program times where you are check out the program guide:

Wherever you are in the world you can listen online at
You will also see a handy frequency finder and more information about the work of Vision Australia Radio.

For information on Elwood Writers, visit:

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