Margaret is a Melbourne writer currently working on a memoir about the relationship she had with her father, who was a World War II prisoner of war in Germany. Stories about the two of them can be found in Jewels of San Fedele (US), American Writers Review (2019) and ‘Write you Memoir’ blog at Clairitage Press.

She holds an MA in Creative Writing from Wilkes University, PA. In Australia, she is a member of Elwood Writers, which released its anthology Every Second Tuesday in November 2020. Her article about the writing group is published in the Working Writer online US newsletter (2022). Short essays and fiction can be found at The Door Is A Jar (2020), The Human Writers. (2022), Positive Words (2005) and Malaleuca Blue (2016)..

Margaret lives and works near the Yarra River, the traditional land of the Wurundjeri people. She trusts that we all learn to take care of this beautiful area of which Indigenous Australians are the rightful custodians.