Where do you write?

//Where do you write?

Where do you write?

Mar 2, 2019 – Margaret McCaffrey

My local café recently changed its seating arrangement. Oh no, I thought. Not because of me, I hoped. Me, sitting at the big table by the front window, trying not to spread my papers and books about too much.

Under the new furniture configuration I was forced to sit at a table for two, allowing barely enough room for my stuff. But it’s a lovely cafés and I would make do. This spot been a godsend to me as I go through the latest phase of ‘where-I-work’.

When I first took up writing, I rented a small room in the CBD. Having just finished working, I couldn’t imagine not going to the city every day. But soon, it dawned on me that I catch the tram in my dressing gown. Plus the office rent kept going up.

Next, I settled for working at home. Some days I barely moved from my bed. I began the day by journaling and went straight into writing. Tessa our dog patiently sighed at the end of the bed looking up every now and again for her walk.

Writer, Natalie Goldberg, says she loves Paris because you can write in the cafes. I’m not sure this still applies. But if you like a café and feel welcome there, anywhere, make the most of it.

People will tell you where to write, what your office set-up should be, and so forth. But I say, create a space that’s right for you.

Update: I visited my favourite café last week. The long table had been returned to the front. Order has been restored. I know my secret, quiet café will not remain so forever. But while it lasts, I plan to get a move on.

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Margaret McCaffrey is a Melbourne-based writer whose project looks at the effects of war on her father, who was a prisoner-of-war in Germany during World War II. His death in 1976 prompted her to explore his past and how this might have affected their father-daughter relationship. In 2011 Margaret was awarded a scholarship to the Norman Mailer Writers Colony, Provincetown, USA to study memoir writing.

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