‘Jewels of San Fedele’ available on Amazon!

 May 26, 2017 – Margaret McCaffrey

I was recently able to contribute to the fantastic “Jewels of San Fedele,” a collection of short fiction, memoir, art and photography. After a near magical week in Tuscany, a group of writers shared their experiences in this paperback, now available on Amazon (here).

Ann McCauley recently reviewed the book, including one of my stories where she had this to say:

“Margaret McCaffrey’s “Lightning Strikes,” is a section of her Australian memoir. She relates a conversation with her brother about the edgy relationship between her and their father. I loved the final sentences: “…knowing all along—but seeing for the first time—that I had been given the right father. And he, the right daughter.” The power of those two sentences still astounds me.”

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About the Author:

Margaret McCaffrey is a Melbourne-based writer whose project looks at the effects of war on her father, who was a prisoner-of-war in Germany during World War II. His death in 1976 prompted her to explore his past and how this might have affected their father-daughter relationship. In 2011 Margaret was awarded a scholarship to the Norman Mailer Writers Colony, Provincetown, USA to study memoir writing.

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